Moving out at the end of your tenancy

A lot of you will soon be moving out as you are coming to the end of your tenancy with I G Property – you will hear this called the check out.

Hopefully the emails we have sent about checking out will answer the queries you may have. To help make the moving out process easier, here is an overview about cleaning, the final inspection by I G, and deposit refunds.

Cleaning your property

Most of the charges from deposits are for cleaning, mattresses, removing personal belongings and also rubbish.

The house should be clean when you move out. It must be obvious that you have done a thorough clean, and not just a quick hoover and a wipe down.

In the checkout email we suggest YouTube videos containing cleaning advice. Please remember these videos are providing advice. We can’t be held responsible if the cleaning tips don’t work as well as you hoped, or you don’t follow the instructions properly.

Have a look at the Cleaning Advice section on our Maintenance Advice page, it contains more information and a useful cleaning checklist.

Final property inspection

We will visit your property shortly after the time notified in your check out email, and carry out an inspection.

You don’t need to be there as we understand you all want to go at different times. We will let ourselves in.

This final inspection is done by comparing the condition of the property at check out, with the check in report you received when you moved in, and the photos we took at that time. We record the condition in a report, and again take photos.

The check-out report and photos are examined and we note anything that may have to be deducted from the deposit.

Deposit refunds

We return your deposit, minus any deductions, within 6 weeks of the end of your tenancy.

We process deposit refunds as fast as we can but we have to wait for all invoices, so cannot guarantee to refund any sooner. We need the invoices so we know how much to deduct as we do not add anything to the invoice – we never charge more than the contractor has charged.

As mentioned earlier, cleaning and mattresses are the cause of most deductions. Mattresses are clean when you move in – we check both sides. So you will be charged £130 per mattress for a replacement.

If any marks or stains are found that can be cleaned, you will be charged for the cleaning only.

If you are on a joint and several tenancy, charges will be split equally between all tenants.

We then refund the deposit to the account we have for your rent payments. If this is incorrect you must let us know the correct details by email.

Please try not chase us – we will be working hard to process all the deposit refunds.

We all hope it goes as smoothly as possible for you.

Everyone at I G would like to thank all of our tenants for the time you have been with us. Have a wonderful summer, and we hope you are joining us again next year.