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Cleaning Advice

Most of the charges from deposits are for cleaning, and often for removing personal belongings and rubbish.

The house should be clean when you move out. It must be obvious that you have done a thorough clean, and not just a quick hoover and a wipe down.

Where do we start?

The best way to start is to decide:

  • which personal belongings you are keeping and taking with you. Pack as much of this as you can. It gets them out of your way and makes it easier to clean
  • what to do with personal belongings and items you no longer want. You can recycle them – check with your university about their recycling arrangements. Don’t leave them in the house, as we will have to pay someone to pack them up and dispose of them, and this cost will have to come off your deposit.

What do we need to clean?

Put simply, all of the house. Here is a checklist that gives you a good idea of the cleaning that must be done.

Who needs to clean?

Everyone should do their own room and then take joint responsibility for cleaning the communal areas in the house – kitchen, living room, hall, stairs, landing and bathroom.

What if we are leaving at different times?

This really can cause problems for the person who is last in the house. Discuss this with everyone, and if you are leaving at different times, decide who will clean what before they go! And the last person in the house – keep the areas that have been cleaned clean!

What if we can’t get it clean?

If any extra cleaning is required to bring the property back up to standard, a cleaning company will come in. They charge about £18 per hour, and this charge will be passed on to you so it is important that you clean the house thoroughly.

We can provide contact details for reliable cleaning and oven cleaning companies.

Don’t forget:

  • skirting boards
  • inside drawers and wardrobes
  • kitchen cupboards – inside and the doors
  • windows – inside. Ground floor outside if you can reach safely
  • oven, including the door and all the shelves
  • hob
  • fridge/freezer – defrost first and then clean
  • bathroom grout
  • limescale on shower doors and shower head
  • remove dust from extractor fans

Remember to take all cleaning stuff with you, as we cannot leave these things in the house.