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Maintenance Advice

No matter how well a house is looked after, things can go wrong. Remember, some everyday issues such as replacing a light bulb, setting the timer on the boiler, and defrosting the freezer are your responsibility. To help you look after your house, we have written advice sheets for the most common issues you will come across.

If there isn’t anything here to help you, or you think the issue needs our maintenance team to come to the house, please use the Property File app or website (as a tenant you should have been sent a link to this).


Please call the office immediately if you believe you have an emergency.

Emergency out of office hours

It is important that you understand the difference between an emergency and an issue that you would like fixed quickly.

Please think carefully about whether the issue is a genuine emergency, or something which is inconvenient but could be dealt with during normal working hours.

What is an emergency?

An emergency is:

  • fire or gas leak. Do not put yourself in danger trying to tackle a fire or gas leak. leave the house immediately and call the emergency services first, then call us so we can help. Only use the fire extinguishers if you need to aid your escape from the house, or it is a minor fire that you feel you can tackle easily
  • major water leak that means you cannot stay in the house, or that may cause damage to the house. If at all possible turn the water off at the main. Details of where this is located for your property is shown on your welcome letter in the house pack attached to the wall in your hall
  • damage to a door or window that means the property will not be safe or secure.

This is not a complete list, there may be other issues that in the circumstances are an emergency.

The following examples are not usually an emergency, and can be dealt with during office hours:

  • no hot water
  • loss of power
  • shower or toilet not working (especially if there is another shower or toilet in the house). A plumber will not come out of hours to a shower not working.