Check Out

What do you need to know before you check out of your property at the end of your tenancy?

We will email you to confirm what date your tenancy finishes.

You must have all moved out by Midday on the date your contract ends.

If anyone remains in the property after this time, you will be charged a daily full house rental rate from your deposit. 

If you will ALL have left the property before this date, please do let us know and we may be able to carry out the check out early and get your deposit processed more quickly. 


We will email you a couple of times before you leave the property with information we feel is helpful to you.  It is in your best interest to read these emails and take on the advice we are offering.




 What do we do with our keys?  Please print the key sheet attached to your email and leave ALL keys on this sheet.  You can keep the I G key ring if you want to or leave it on your key. Please DO NOT bring keys to our office.      


What about the last key?  Put the key you lock up with back through the letterbox. 


What if we have lost one?  You will be charged for lock changes for any keys that are missing and these can cost up to £120. You can get copies cut if you have lost any providing there is no way to identify them as being from your property (but please make sure they work). 


I’ve left early and taken my key home with me.  Post your keys back to us by special delivery so you can track them. They must reach us on the last working day BEFORE your check out otherwise you may be charged the cost of a replacement.  Put your name on a piece of paper in the envelope – DO NOT state the property they relate to.  Please notify us they are on their way. 



 What do we need to clean? Attached is a guidance list for cleaning.     


Who needs to clean? Please take joint responsibility for cleaning the communal areas in the house i.e. kitchen, living room, hall, stairs, landing and bathroom; and do your own bedroom. 


What if we can’t get it clean? If any extra cleaning is required to bring the property back up to standard, a cleaning company will come in.  They charge about £18 per hour, and this charge will be passed on to you so it is important that you clean the house thoroughly. We will send you some YouTube links next week to help you. 


Most of the charges we take from deposits are for cleaning. 


Don’t forget: 

  • skirting boards 
  • inside drawers and wardrobes 
  • behind sofas and all furniture (if it can be moved safely) 
  • kitchen cupboards – inside and the doors 
  • windows – inside.  Ground floor outside if you can reach safely 
  • oven (see below for oven cleaning contact) 
  • fridge/freezer defrosting 
  • bathroom grout  
  • limescale on shower doors, shower head and all taps 
  • remove dust from extractor fans  

 We do not want you to leave your kettle or toaster and please take all rubbish, cleaning stuffs and food with you.  We cannot leave these for the next tenants so the removal just adds to your rubbish costs.   



 If you would prefer to pay for your oven to be cleaned professionally rather than clean it yourself or be charged from your deposit, contact 07825 127058 or any other professional oven cleaning service. 



 Please replace any light bulbs that are not working.  If you can’t reach the fitting safely, please buy the bulb and leave it on the kitchen worktop. There will be no charge for us to arrange for this to be put it in.   



 We only have a courtyard, what do we do?  Make sure both the front forecourt and the back yard are swept and free of all rubbish and debris including cigarette ends.  


What about weeds in the gravel?  Please make sure the gravel is free of weeds and all looks neat and tidy for the next tenants.  You may be charged if we have to send a gardener round. 


What about the hedge?  You are not responsible for hedges.   



 All rubbish must be removed from the property. 


Our wheelie bin collection is the day after checkout, can we leave the bin full?  No, you must ensure all bins and boxes are empty when you leave. We will charge £15 per bag from your deposit to remove rubbish.  This is because we have to pay someone to pick it up and get charged to go to the tip – you do not get charged to use the council’s waste and recycling centre. 


Our wheelie bin was full at the start.  We do our best to ensure bins are empty at the check in but occasionally one slips through.  If you can get rid of your waste that’s great, if not your check in inventory will have noted your bin wasn’t empty and we will take this into account (you can check this by looking at your inventory).    


Are there any extra collections?  Yes, the council provide additional collections in student areas at the end of June.  But these are NOT from every street.  If there is one near you, you will get a leaflet through your door and more information is on their website 


Can I recycle anything? Yes, take recyclables to your local charity shop or use the recycling facilities at the council waste site.      


Where is the council’s waste site? Off James Street on Hazel Court YO10 3DS – follow the brown signs.  You can use this site free of charge – as a business we have to pay and this charge will be passed on to you.  



What happens to my mail? Remember to notify your bank etc of your change of address.  We will forward any mail passed to us, but this cannot be relied upon and you should arrange to have any mail forwarded yourself.  



 When do you check the house?  We will visit your property shortly after 12 noon on the last day of your tenancy to carry out an inspection.  


Do we need to be there?  No, we understand you all want to go at different times, so just leave the keys in the house and we will let ourselves in. 


How is the check out done?  The condition of the property will be compared to the condition at the check in, and the check in paperwork you received when you moved in will be used as a reference. We will take photos. 



 When will I get my deposit back? We will return your deposit (minus any deductions) within 6 weeks of the end of the contract.   


Can I have it sooner than 6 weeks? We process them as fast as we can but we have to wait for all invoices and cannot guarantee that we can refund any sooner. Please try not chase us – we will be working hard to process all the deposits!   


Where will my deposit be refunded to? Please ensure you have replied to our email requesting your bank details. You must let us know the correct details by email before we can make the payment. 


What are most charges for?  Cleaning and mattresses! Mattresses were clean when you moved in so you will be charged £130 per mattress for a replacement. If any marks or stains are found that can be cleaned, you will be charged for the cleaning. We will check both sides of the mattress.  See above about cleaning.   


As you are on a joint and several tenancy, charges will be split equally between all tenants, unless someone accepts responsibility for a particular charge. 


If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to get in touch.