Check In

What happens when you get close to the check in date of a Managed property?

We will be in touch with you to explain everything to you but the following is a guide of what we will do, what we need you to do, and what we need to have had in before we can move any of you into the property.

Paying the first month’s rent

Everyone must have paid the first month’s rent before you can move into your student house.

The first rent payment is usually taken about 2 weeks in advance of your start date to ensure that we have time to sort out any issues with this payment prior to your check in date.  You are not paying more for this time, it is just the same amount of rent taken slightly in advance.

If you are struggling to make this payment, please speak to your guarantor about paying this rent.

None of you can move into the property until the first month’s rent has been paid for everyone, as you will be in breach of contract, and legally we cannot allow you to move in.

You will also need to ensure that your direct debits have been set up.

Please note that if there are direct debits still outstanding the week before your first rental payment is due, your rent will not be taken on time and none of you will be able to move in until this has been sorted.

Right to Rent documents

We must have seen you in the office with your Right to Rent documents prior to you being able to move into the property.

We arrange a moving in appointment for you

About a month before your tenancy start date, we will contact you with your moving in date and time, and give you more information about what to expect when you check in to your property.

We do have a high volume of tenancies starting on the same date, so we may not be able to re-arrange the appointment for a different time that day. It is advisable you make the appointment given if you can.  The check in times are usually between about 10.30am and 3pm, and will be on the start date of your contract unless anything different has been agreed.

You will need to contact us to confirm this time and date.

You don’t all have to be there, just one of you is fine.

During your tenancy, we will contact you by email for all items such as viewings, issues with rent payments, contractor visits etc. When you get this check in email, please can you check that all your group has received it too and if not please let us know their email address.

Move into your student house

On the check in day for your property, an I G Property representative will meet you at the arranged time at your house. The most important things they will run through with you are:

  • Safety equipment at the house, such as the smoke detectors, fire extinguishers and fire blankets

Bills (if the rent does not include bills)

If we receive your signed permission to pass your details on to Tenant Shop, we will advise the gas, electricity and water companies that you have moved in and give them the meter readings.

You will be given meter readings when you move in and you are free to change the gas and electric provider.

If this permission is not given, you will be responsible for letting your suppliers know that you have moved in and giving them your meter readings.

If you are a student, your council tax exemption must be completed online at to avoid a bill being sent to you.

Condition of the house

A full report with photos will be emailed to the lead tenant to keep. You will have seven days to check the report and let us know in writing of anything you aren’t happy with in the report. Our report will contain photos of the house, but it’s always a good idea to take your own photos of the property – remember the photos must show the date and time.


Our Facebook page will keep you to date with important information throughout your tenancy, please like us using the link below:

If there are any queries then please do not hesitate to contact our office.

We look forward to welcoming you to I G Property as a tenant in one of our properties, and hope you have a great tenancy with us.