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Maintenance Request

No matter how well a house is looked after, things can go wrong. When we receive a maintenance request, we always do our best to make sure things are put right as quickly as we can.

Some everyday issues such as replacing a lightbulb are your responsibility. To help you with issues you can look after yourself, we have some advice sheets that may help.

If the maintenance issue is one for our maintenance team, please use the app or website Property File (as a tenant you should have received a link to this via email) so that your issue goes straight to our maintenance team. We can then reply to you to let you know what we are doing about it. You can also upload photos of the issue, which helps us to diagnose the problem.

A visit from our maintenance team

If someone from our maintenance team, or a contractor on our behalf, is visiting your property, you will be given¬†at least 24 hours’¬†notice. However if the issue is an emergency, very serious, or you have given us permission to visit the house without you being there, we will visit as soon as we can, and we may not be able to give you advance notice.

If you report the issue using Property File, it is unlikely you will be given notice. However, we will email you, or you can log into the reporting system to see how the issue is progressing.

When the maintenance team have been to your house, they will leave a card to let you know the issue has been resolved, or if they need to call back.

Out of hours emergencies – please ring 01904 629 929 and follow the instructions.