Sturents Guarantor Signing Process

The guide for the guarantor signing process can be found using the following link:

Additional troubleshooting tips:
If you are a guarantor and you are struggling to save your details or you receive an error message, please check that:
1) All fields have been filled out
2) You have used the correct format in the fields (e.g. dd/mm/yyyy for DOB and not typed out)
3) You have uploaded the right sized document and it’s an accepted file type (png, jpeg, jpg or pdf)

If you have entered your details and you are still having trouble signing, check that:
1) You have saved your information (see step 5 of the guide)
2) You have scrolled to the bottom of the contract and clicked the SIGN button

For display issues:
-If using Internet Explorer or an older version of any browser, it can lead to unexpected issues (usually relating to how the page is displayed).
-You should try using one of these browsers instead- Chrome, Edge, Safari, or Firefox.

If you are still having trouble after trying the above, please could you email us a full screen shot of your web page including the message to help determine where you are stuck, and we will liaise with the support team at Sturents to get some help.