Student Frequently Asked Questions


I moved out of a property recently, when will I get my deposit back?

  • Deposits are returned within 6 weeks of the end of the tenancy.  When your deposit is returned, you will receive a detailed breakdown of any charges applied.  Unfortunately we are unable to give further information about charges until the deposit is processed.


We received the breakdown of the deposit, but I still haven’t received my deposit, where is it?

  • The main reason for this is that we have not yet been sent your bank details.
  • Please could you double check you have sent them, and if not, please email them to
  • If you have already sent them, please send an email to enquire what the hold up may be.


I am completing my council tax exemption form and it has asked for the landlord’s contact details, could I have the details?

  • Please use our email address, address and telephone number.
  • You can find your landlord’s name on your contract.


We have had a council tax demand through what do we do with this?

  • If you are a student you will be exempt from paying council tax but you will need to apply for an exemption through the Council’s website
  • If you are a professional you will need to set up payment with the Council via the information on the demand.



I have set up a direct debit but I would like to change the account my rent comes from, how do I do this?

  • You need to contact your bank to cancel this direct debit.
  • Once you have cancelled this, you will automatically receive an email from Sturents asking you to set up your direct debit.
  • Using this link you can re-set up your direct debit with the new account details.
  • Please refrain from doing this close to a rent payment, where possible, as direct debits can take up to 10 days to be set up so this may result in a rent payment being late.



How do I report maintenance issues for my property?

  • If your property is managed by I G Property you will have been send a link to download the Property File app, please report any maintenance issues through here.
  • If your property is managed by your Landlord, please speak to them directly about these issues, their contact details can be found on your tenancy agreement.


Is there an out of hours emergency line?

  • Yes, we have an out of hours number on our answerphone, however this is for emergencies only. Please do not use this number for general maintenance queries.


What would be classed as an emergency?

  • Anything that is a immediate threat to the tenants or the property itself such as a leak.  If you feel like you can deal with the problem until the office re-opens, please do wait to report this issue until this time.